5 Reasons to Install Privacy Window Film in Your Home

by | Apr 25, 2023

5 Reasons to Install Privacy Window Film in Your Home


It’s great fun picking out curtains or blinds when you’re doing up your house especially since there are so many fabrics, colours, and patterns to choose from. While curtains and blinds provide limited functionality and a decorative aspect to your interiors, it’s equally important to install privacy window film as well. Read on to learn about the various benefits that privacy window films have to offer.


Benefits of Privacy Window Films

1. Give You Privacy

As the name suggests, privacy window films prevent nosy neighbours or passers-by from looking in while letting natural light in. There are various types of privacy window films that offer benefits like UV protection and one-way-only films. You can also opt for transparent privacy window films or tinted ones to match your home’s aesthetics. 

Privacy window films are ideal for any street-facing windows or windows that face other apartments, so you can enjoy looking out without anyone looking in. For more intimate rooms like bathrooms, you can also consider frosted window films that offer a decorative accent by mimicking etched glass. If you have a particular pattern or design in mind, you can have it custom-printed for your windows too. 


2. Sunscreen for Your Windows

We are all diligent about applying sunscreen to protect our skin when we go outdoors. However, how often do we apply sunscreen before cozying up on a window seat with a good book? We rarely think about the fact that sunlight can damage your skin indoors too – especially if you have large windows that let oodles of natural light in. Even if you’re diligent about using SPF, the same UV rays that are harmful to your skin are damaging to the interiors of your home too. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can age wooden floors and furnishings and cause soft furnishings and paintings to fade. 

Solar window films act like sunscreen for your windows protecting you, your family, and your home’s interiors from harmful UV rays. They also cut glare which makes it easier to use screens around the house while still enjoying the benefits of your large, picturesque windows.


3. Save on Energy Bills

All that natural light that comes flooding in can make your home warmer than it should be too. In fact, 76 percent of sunlight coming in through windows translates into heat in summer. This means that your air conditioning has to work harder to keep your home cool. This translates to higher energy bills. Privacy window films that block UV rays also block the heat that emanates from them, keeping your home cooler and saving you money by lowering your energy bills too. 

You can read more about the energy-saving aspects of window films here.


4. Safety

Privacy window films enhance the safety of your home. Window films with a security feature prevent the glass from shattering holding the shards of glass together. This means that if your window is broken by a stray ball or debris from a bad storm, your family won’t be at risk of stepping onto glass splinters and hurting themselves. 

Another important advantage of security window films is that they don’t let burglars in as the smashed glass is still held together by the film. 


5. Easy Install and Maintenance

It is easy to install privacy window film. Professional window film installers can typically install films in less than a day, so unlike an expensive remodel, you experience little to no downtime in your home.

Window films are also easy to keep clean. Once they have adhered to the glass, all you need to do is simply wipe them down as required. Your window film installer will guide you on what’s best for your particular type of film.

While there are plenty of DIY films available online, it is best to consult a professional window film company like Vancity Window Films. They will be able to advise you on the best window films for your needs and give you options you may not even know you had. They offer high-quality window films that last as long as your windows do. Professional window film installers also ensure that your window films are installed perfectly so that you won’t have any unsightly bubbles or fears of the film peeling. 

The experienced team at Vancity Window Films can help you pick the right vinyl window film for your needs and install them too. Get in touch with our team to get a quote today.