5 Reasons Why Window Films Are Better Than Curtains And Blinds

by | Feb 6, 2023

5 Reasons Why Window Films Are Better Than Curtains And Blinds

As a homeowner or commercial property manager, you are well aware that your windows need some form of treatment. While traditional blinds and curtains can protect your indoors from the outdoors, the benefits offered by window films can be far superior. Read on to learn how window films can be a great investment for your residential or commercial property.

1. Saves You Money

Vinyl window films tend to be cheaper than blinds or curtains. Think about it, prices can skyrocket depending on the fabric you choose for your blinds or windows. Add on the various accessories you need to install them, and your wallet could take a severe hit. It’s also cheaper to fit films to non-standard-sized (or shaped) windows. Similarly, replacing it works out cheaper too. 

Window films can also keep rooms cooler during the hot months. This means you save on energy bills. As the films let in natural light, it also means you can save on electricity bills as you won’t turn on your lights as often.

2. Use Less Space

Vinyl window films adhere to glass. This means that they don’t take up any more room than your window itself. Curtains and blinds can get bulky, becoming an issue in small spaces. Residential window films can be a great addition to small apartments or in rooms like home offices, boot rooms and bathrooms. 

3. Protects from Sun Damage

Window films typically come with filters that block out harmful UV rays from the sun. This means that you can still make use of natural light in rooms that get direct sunlight without worrying about your soft furnishings and art suffering from sun damage.

 Tinted films also reduce glare. This makes it much easier to use computer screens or turn on the telly without having to sit in a dark room. 

4. Cleaning

Curtains and blinds can be tough to clean. Depending on the materials used, you may face huge dry-cleaning bills or spend plenty of time with the vacuum cleaner. Additionally, curtains and blinds can be tough to keep odour free in places like the kitchen or if you have pets. 

Vinyl window films don’t absorb odours and all you need to do to give them a clean is wipe them down, just like you would your glass.

5. Privacy

Privacy window films are just the ticket when you want to maintain privacy indoors but still allow light in. One-way vinyl films will enable you to still take in the views outside without worrying about passers-by or nosy neighbours looking in. You can even opt for frosted films for residential rooms like bathrooms so you don’t have to worry about people looking in at night. 

As a homeowner, you may opt for curtains or blinds for added privacy at night or for their aesthetic appeal. However, vinyl films offer several benefits over curtains and blinds, and it would be wise to have them installed so your home remains protected throughout the day without having to turn on the lights. 

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