Blackout Window Film: The Ultimate Solution for Light Control

by | May 30, 2023

Have you ever been woken up by that one annoying beam of sunlight that hits your eyes because of a gap in the curtains? Although it may seem like a minor irritation, it can turn into a real problem if you work the night shift and can’t get the sleep your body needs to function. Getting blackout window films can help solve the problem. Apart from creating a completely dark bedroom, blackout window films can be used to provide privacy. Read on to learn how blackout window films provide cost-effective, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance solutions for your home or business.

Advantages of Blackout Window Films

There are plenty of reasons why you may need to install blackout window films on the windows and doors of your home or commercial property.

  • Block Light Completely: 
    There are several reasons why you may want a room to remain completely dark at all times like if you run a photography studio, for example. Unlike curtains which can let in light through gaps, blackout window films filter out all light when the windows and doors are closed. At home, you may want blackout films for your theatre and recreation space.
  • Privacy:
    As blackout films prevent light from entering or exiting a premise, they offer complete privacy. They prevent people from looking in or out whether it’s day or night. This can be particularly useful if you run a street-facing business that requires discretion, like a doctor’s office or if certain parts of your home are particularly prone to prying eyes.
    Mirrored privacy window films have a similar effect during the day but allow those inside to look out.
  • Aesthetics:
    Some businesses like to use blackout films to create their own aesthetic indoors. Restaurants may want to use blackout window films on windows that face back alleys, for example, while some businesses in retail may prefer to have complete control over their indoor lighting.
  • UV Protection:
    UV light can damage expensive soft furnishings and artwork. As blackout window films completely block out all-natural light, businesses dealing with expensive objects like antique shops, auction houses, or museums may prefer to prevent light from deteriorating their goods.
  • Reduce Energy Bills:
    The bigger your windows, the more heat that enters during the summer. Similarly, large windows also allow the cold to seep in during winter. This means that your HVAC systems have to work hard to maintain optimum indoor temperatures. The harder they have to work, the higher their energy bills. Blackout window films add an insulating layer to the glass which helps keep heat out during summer and in during the winter.
  • Easily Fit Glass of All Sizes:
    Blinds and curtains usually come in fixed sizes and getting them custom-made can cost a pretty penny. Depending on where you order them from, they can take a while to arrive as well. Blackout window films are easy to install on windows and doors of various shapes and sizes which typically works out a lot cheaper than purchasing curtains and blinds.
  • Easy to Maintain:
    Blackout window films do not need extra care. Once they are professionally installed, you can continue with a cleaning routine similar to your usual window care routine. Curtains and blinds, on the other hand, may require extensive vacuuming or professional cleaning to prevent them from turning into dust magnets.

Blackout Window Film Vancouver

How Long Will My Blackout Window Film Last?

Blackout window films from reputable companies like 3M can last for anywhere between 10 to 15 years – pretty much as long as your windows do. However, in order to make sure they last as long as possible, it is important to have them installed by professional window film installers. Else there are chances of bubbles forming under the film which can lead to it cracking or chipping. Similarly, although you may find DIY blackout window film kits online, inferior quality and improper installation may mean that you need to replace your blackout window films frequently, costing you more money in the long run.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to having blackout window films installed. Whether you need privacy from the outdoors or want to save on your energy bills, the team at Vancity Window Films can help you pick the right option for your needs and install it too. We handle every aspect of installing your blackout window films with care – from site visits and consultations to scheduling and quality control.

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