How Does Window Security Film Protect Your Business?

by | Dec 20, 2022

How Does Window Security Film Protect Your Business?

Vandalism poses a serious threat to businesses in Canada. In fact, it’s such a big problem that the Business Improvement Areas of B.C. is now offering grants to help Vancouver businesses with their repair costs. While graffiti is a problem, one of the easiest ways for vandals to attack a business is to shatter storefront glass. Businesses can incur costly losses due to breaking and entering.  Read on to learn how window security film can help protect your business.


Security window films strengthen the glass they are adhered to. While they do not prevent the glass from being broken completely, they do make it hard for thieves to enter a property by smashing a window. The film helps hold broken glass together, hindering crimes. Most thieves are looking for easy targets, and simply being unable to enter the premises by smashing through your windows can act as a deterrent.

Increased safety

Glass has a tendency to splinter when broken. Glass shards can pose a health and safety risk. Security film has a ‘shatterproof’ quality. This means that even if the glass is broken due to projectiles or an explosion, the adhesive film clings onto the pieces of glass preventing injuries to your employees. The thicker your film the better protected your windows will be

Easier to Clean

Graffiti is another popular form of vandalism. Leaving graffiti on your property can have an adverse effect on your business while cleaning it can get expensive. Security window films act as a barrier between your glass and the paint. Window films are designed to be easy to clean, saving your business time ad money when it comes to getting rid of graffiti. When graffiti gets stubborn, it’s easier (and much cheaper) to replace your window film than glass!

Protection from Ultraviolet Rays

Security window films filter out the harmful UV rays of the sun. This means that your floors, furniture, and soft furnishings are protected from fading and sun damage. It also means that your employees are protected from harmful rays. Filtering out the UV rays can also help you save on energy bills in the summer as your premises stay cooler.


Privacy can be important to many businesses. Keeping peeping toms away with security window films that not only protect glass but also increase privacy with tints. The one-way films still allow you to look out, so you can see what’s happening outside. Depending on your need for privacy, you can get window films in increasing grades of tints. The tinted films also come in various colours so you can pick one to match your brand. 

Window Security Films from Vancity Window Films

Vancity Window Films can help you pick the right option for your needs and install it too. We use adhesives to attach your security window films to your windows, but our anchoring process takes your security to the next level by securing the film to your frame with industrial-grade caulking. 

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