How Security Window Film Can Enhance School Safety

by | Nov 28, 2023

School safety is an important topic at the moment. Vandalism and break-ins in school buildings are old problems that don’t seem to go away. In fact, disturbing trends like the 2021 social media challenge “Devious Licks”, which asked students to steal or damage school property and post videos to TikTok have exacerbated the problem. Windows are often broken by thieves and vandals to gain access to school property although the exact numbers across the country are unclear – especially since incidents may also go unreported. Another concern that has been building over the past few years is that of school shootings which do occur despite Canada’s relatively strict gun control rules. The safety of school buildings is paramount, especially when lives may be at stake. Security window films can enhance the safety of school buildings to protect the property and the little ones within. Read on to learn how.

How Do Security Window Films Work?

Security window films work by enhancing the strength and durability of windows through an adhesive film that holds broken glass together in case of breakage. At Vancity Window Films, our additional anchoring process takes your security to the next level. This process secures the window film to the frame with industrial-grade caulking. It’s an integral step in transforming your windows from a security liability to a barrier protecting your building envelope.

Security Window Films for School Safety

Security window films offer several benefits that enhance school safety including,

  • Protection from Glass Shards

Security window films can provide protection against innocent hazards that may arise in a classroom setting like a ball being accidentally thrown through a window. Flying glass shards can also pose a threat in case of an earthquake or severe weather event.  The anti-shatter properties of these films help prevent flying glass shards from causing injury to students and teachers by holding the glass in place.

  • Better for Students’ Physical and Mental Health

Apart from preventing injuries, security window films can also help promote student wellbeing. Security window film with a UV protection option reduces glare from sunlight, improving focus to create a better learning environment. It also protects them from the harm caused by exposure to UV rays.

When it comes to school safety itself, protective measures like bars or mesh on windows and glass entryways can give the building the look and feel of a correctional institution which can be detrimental to student wellbeing.

  • Reduces Graffiti-Related Costs

Cleaning graffiti off glass can be expensive especially if you end up having to replace the entire glass itself. Vandals are also known to scratch glass with sharp objects. Window films protect the glass from getting scratched. Replacing window film that is affected by graffiti is much more cost-effective than having to replace glass.

  • Protects Against Break-Ins and Vandalism

Window films can help mitigate window breakage by providing up to seven times the strength of the window glass alone. These films are specifically designed to help glass resist breakage, making it much harder to create an opening large enough to enter. This delay can discourage vandals from continuing with their attempts.

  • Slows Progress in Active Shooter Situations

Security window films can be a valuable asset in safeguarding students and teachers during an active shooter situation. Although the film cannot stop bullets, it can delay a shooter’s passage through a glass entryway for up to 90 seconds, providing students and school staff with more time to seek cover and potentially aid school security and police response. Every locked glass barrier covered with window film can impede an active shooter’s progress through a building.

Vancity Window Films

Vancity Window Films uses 3M security window films that have some of the highest quality dyes, adhesives, and laminates on the market today. Our security window films have been tested extensively by independent testing facilities, and meet glazing safety criteria, as defined by CPSC, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Underwriters Laboratories. 3M Security Films have also  been tested on numerous glazing types under a variety of blast loads to help protect people from flying glass shards

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