The Top Benefits of Solar Window Film for Your Business

by | Jan 4, 2024

Commercial buildings often have large windows – and lots of them! The multitude of windows make the building look impressive, offer sweeping views from the inside while flooding the interiors with natural light to create a productive working environment. However, there are downsides to all these windows too – UV rays can be harmful to people, furnishings, and artwork, the glare from the windows can make it difficult to see screens, and your HVAC system has to work extra hard to keep the interiors at a comfortable temperature.

Installing solar window films can boost the effectiveness of windows while combating their downsides. What businesses really love about them though, is that they are cost-effective to install and can help save money in the long run too. Read on learn all about solar window films and why their installation should be a priority for any commercial property.

What are Solar Window Films?

Solar window films are made from layers of PET with spectrally selective additives to filter out glare, heat, and UV rays. The layers are stretched into thin sheets and are applied to windows of commercial and residential properties.

Benefits of Solar Window Film for Your Business

Investing in solar window film for your business is a wise decision to make and can save you some money in the long term. Some benefits include:
1. Reduced Energy Costs

How much it costs to run your building is an important consideration for any commercial property manager. Solar window films help reduce your utility bills in both summer and winter. In summer, they filter out a significant amount of solar heat which means your air conditioning consumes less energy to keep the interiors of your building cool. During winters, solar window films serve as an extra barrier to prevent heat from escaping through the glass, reducing the load on your heating system. The lower consumption of energy means your utility bills are lowered, making your building more environmentally friendly too.

2. Improves Building Aesthetics

It’s a well-known fact that the better your building looks and functions, the happier its occupants will be. Curb appeal also improves the perception of your business attracting clientele or potential tenants to your building. Solar window films offer an easy way to give your building a facelift. You can choose from a number of different tints and degrees of reflectiveness to give your building the look you want. Make your building a talking point by choosing solar window films that shift color depending on how the sunlight hits them.

On the flip side, you can also choose a minimally reflective, non-tinted solar window film to preserve the original aesthetic of your property.

3. Preserves Your Interiors

There’s no point in doing up your interiors with high quality décor only to have them look tawdry in no time at all. Visible light, solar heat and UV light all contribute fading of soft furnishings, wooden flooring, paint, and artwork. Solar window films can block up to 99% UV radiation and 79% solar heat to protect your décor from fading.

This same protective quality also helps protect electronics and machinery within the building by reducing the potential for overheating and degradation of their casings due to UV rays.

4. Add Privacy

It can be hard to work in an environment where you feel there are eyes constantly on you. Solar window films can create privacy by preventing passersby or occupants from other buildings from looking in. A productive working environment can help boost morale and thereby your business’s profits as well.
5. Improves Comfort

A comfortable environment is a prerequisite for happy employees. Solar window films benefit your business by improving indoor conditions. They reduce glare from windows making it easier to focus on screens which in turn helps reduce eyestrain too. Additionally, not having to constantly get up to raise or lower blinds takes at least one mundane task off your employees’ hands, allowing them to focus on more important things – like your business!

Invest in Quality Solar Window Film for Your Business

In order make the most of the benefits discussed above, the quality of the film matters. This is why you should choose a reputable company like VanCity Window Films. We have the expertise to provide long-lasting solutions that align perfectly with your requirements and help your business get the best possible ROIs on your investment

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