The Top Features of Security Window Films for Residential Homes

by | Sep 26, 2023

You want your home to be as functional as possible. This means large windows that bring in plenty of natural light are welcome. However, you also want your home to be secure posing a dilemma as to whether to pick large, picturesque windows or opt for smaller ones or grilles. What if you could have both, without unsightly bars marring your view? Security window films give you the advantage of providing your home with an extra layer of security without hampering natural light or your views. Read on to learn about the top features security window films have to offer residential homes.

1. Protection Against Burglars

Large windows can be an invitation for break-ins. Security window films add a protective layer to the glass of your windows. This means that even when burglars try to smash through the glass to enter your home, the security film actually holds the glass together discouraging thieves from continuing with their attempt.

2. Protects Against Vandalism

Vandalism is a growing threat even in residential areas. Vandals target properties with spray paint or scratch glass with sharp objects. Security window films make the cleanup of your windows easier, and cheaper if you are a target of such an attack. Instead of having to replace the glass, all you need to do is remove the layer of film and replace it.

3. Improves Safety

The safety of you and yours is paramount as a homeowner. Accidents like a stray ball through a window can result in shards of glass scattered around where both your two-legged and four-legged family members can severely injure themselves. Security window films hold the broken glass in place and keep it from shattering on the floor. It also means that your home is secure until your glass can be replaced.

4. Prevents Bird Strikes

Bird strikes into clear glass are a common occurrence, especially if you live in a high rise. This is because birds mistake the reflection of the sky as the sky itself. Security window film with special anti-bird strike patterns helps the birds distinguish glass for what it is while still giving you a clear view of the outdoors.

5. Keeps Your Indoors Private

Security window films come in varying degrees of opacity. Some even mimic the appearance of frosted glass. This means that you can choose a frosted glass look for windows in rooms like bathrooms so that people can’t look in, but you still have plenty of natural light.

Another option is to choose from a variety of tints or pick a reflective security window film which can not only enhance the appearance of your windows but also prevent passers-by from peeping in. It’s particularly useful if your home is situated on a busy street or you live in an apartment complex where the houses are close together.

6. UV Protection

Security window films also come with a UV protection option. This filters out a majority of the sun’s harmful UV rays keeping your skin safe indoors on a sunny day. The UV filter also prevents your soft furnishings and hardwood floors from fading due to exposure to sunlight.

7. Saves Money on Energy Bills

Security window films prevent excessive heat gain in the hotter months by filtering out UV rays. This means that your air conditioning does not have to work as hard to keep temperatures inside comfortable. Similarly, they add an extra layer of insulation in the winter, preventing heat from escaping through the glass. The less work your heating and cooling systems have to do, the lower your energy bills!

8. Fit Different Shapes and Sizes

Everyone has that oddly shaped window in their house that they can’t do anything about. Security window film can be shaped and sized to any window in your home, so you can rest assured that you have all your bases covered.

Security window films can be attached to your French doors too!

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