Vinyl Window Film: How to Clean and Maintain It

by | Sep 26, 2023

Vinyl window films can last a long time provided they are cared for well. In fact, take care of your window films well and you may find that they last longer than your windows themselves! Apart from maintaining the longevity of your window film, keeping it clean also means that your views remain unhampered. Thankfully, vinyl window film is low maintenance and doesn’t require much work to keep it looking brand new. 

Read on for our vinyl window film care maintenance guide.

1. Cleaning Materials

Vinyl window films protect the glass on your windows preventing it from getting scratched. However, this doesn’t mean that your window film can’t get nicked. Avoid using paper or paper towels while cleaning your window films. Not only is it bad for the environment but some paper towels can leave scratches too. Use soft microfiber cloths instead. You can also use a soft sponge to apply your cleaner and use a soft rubber squeegee to dry it. Always try a new cleaning material on an unintrusive corner of a window first to make sure it doesn’t leave marks on the film.Needless to say, bristle brushes are a big no go.

2. Use a Gentle Cleanser

Glass cleaners are ideal for cleaning vinyl window films too. Harsh cleansers can be abrasive and should be avoided. If you won’t have a glass cleaner to hand, a mixture of a mild dishwashing soap with some warm water will do the trick.Use a spray bottle to apply the cleanser or dishwashing solution to the window film. Make sure it’s a light layer and doesn’t soak through the film as that can cause peeling or leave unsightly streaks. You can also use your sponge or a damp cloth to apply your cleaning solution. If your windows are particularly dusty, try wiping them down with a dry cloth first before spraying the cleanser to dislodge loose dirt. 

3. Clean With the Grain

You should follow the cut lines along the edges of the window film when you clean your windows. For instance, wash from side to side at the top and bottom of the window and wash up and down at the sides. This will help maintain the window film and its appearance. Some large windows may have a seam somewhere. If so, look for the seam as you clean the window and wash along the splice direction to prevent lifting the edge.

4. Dry Them Out

Just like you don’t want to soak your vinyl window films when you apply your cleaning liquid to prevent bubbling, leaving them wet can have the same effect. Dry your vinyl window films in the direction of the seams to prevent the edges from curling in.Make sure you don’t apply heavy pressure while cleaning or drying your window film. A light touch is all you need!

5. Things to Avoid While Cleaning

The cleaning process is easy, so make sure you clean your window films at least twice a year. 

  • Weather Matters: While spring cleaning on a bright sunshiny day is fun, avoid cleaning your window films on days that the sun is beating down on you. This makes your cleaning solution dry really fast leaving soapy streaks all over your window film. Similarly avoid cleaning your window films on days when it gets too cold as it makes it harder to dry and you may be left with streaky windows.
  • Be Safe: Avoid hazardous climbs and access windows at higher levels safely or call in a professional window cleaning crew to do the job for you. 
  • Wipe Your Squeegee: Don’t neglect your squeegee while drying. Make sure you wipe it down every so often so that you don’t transfer dirt from one part of the window to another.
  • Avoid power washers at any cost.

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